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Fun Did you know? Facts
  • The carburetor of the first Harley was made out of a tomato soup can.
  • The first Ferris Wheel was invented by a Pittsburgher.
  • Leonardo da Vinci invented the scissors.
  • The first simultaneous heart, liver and kidney transplant was done in Pittsburgh!
  • The first alarm clock only rang at 4 AM!
  • 1875- US Patent Office Director resigns- nothing left to invent!
  • 1816- the first stethoscope was made from a roll of paper.
  • The first VCR was the size of a piano!
  • A 15 year-old American invented ear muffs in 1873.
  • One man invented the yoyo, parking meters and Good Humor Ice Cream.
  • A new star is born in our galaxy every 18 days.
  • TIME magazine named the computer its “man of the year” in 1982.
  • One cubic inch of a white dwarf star can weigh more than 1.5 million tons.
  • A day on the planet Mercury is twice as long as its year.
  • Scientists believe hydrogen comprises 90-99% of all matter in the universe.

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