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Essential Steps to Success

All Forms Are Available Online
  1. Pick a topic of interest.
  2. Develop a research plan.
  3. Before you start your research, complete approval forms
    • Form 1, Checklist for Adult Sponsor
    • Forms 1A, Student Checklist
    • Research Plan (page 2 of Form 1A)
    • Form 1B, Approval Form
    • Signature page of online registration form
  4. Mail the forms to the Covestro PRSEF Office. Teachers will be emailed to request additional information or to confirm approval of the research.
  5. When you receive a confirmation notice of approval--START YOUR RESEARCH!
  6. Note: Keep track of all your data in a project data book.
  7. Examine and organize your results.
  8. Draw conclusions and write your research paper.
  9. Assemble your display and construct your presentation board.
  10. All students must be registered on or before January 8, 2016. Schools with school science fairs must contact the Covestro PRSEF office for deadlines.
  11. In mid-March, Fair Day logistics will be emailed to the teachers to share with the students.
What You Must Bring to the Science Fair?
  • Presentation Board
  • Project Data Book
  • Abstract (if updated, since submission)
  • Research Paper (not required, but recommended)
Be Ready to Present
  • Your understanding of your research. You will be interviewed by the judges, and you should be able to communicate your research effectively.
  • Signed copies of forms. Although copies were sent with the registration form, students should bring a duplicate set to the fair.
Reminder: Student's name or school's name should not appear anywhere on the presentation board or paperwork. A liquid correction fluid can be used where necessary.

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