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Presentation Board

The standard presentation board is a three-panel, free-standing structure that folds for ease in transporting to and from the fair. You can make your own or ask your teacher about ordering a stock board from an educational supply catalog or visit your local office supply store.


Many projects involve elements that may not be safely exhibited at PRSEF, but are an important part of the projects. Take photographs or important parts/phases of your experiment to use in your display. Photographs of human test subjects must have signed consent forms. Credit must be given for all photographs.
A Good Title
Your title should be simple, accurate and an attention-grabber. Make the observer want to know more.
Make sure your display is logically presented and easy to read. A glance should permit anyone (particularly the judges) to locate quickly the title, experiments, results, and conclusions. When you arrange your display, imagine that you are seeing it for the first time.
Make your display stand out. Include photographs. Use neat, colorful headings, charts, and graphs. Pay special attention to the labeling of graphs, charts, diagrams, and tables. Each item must have a descriptive title. Anyone should be able to understand the visuals without further explanation.

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