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These rubrics were developed in order to provide constructive feedback to the students. These will be used by category judges to determine winners in each category. They will be used as the judging criteria. However, please note that this will only be one judge's assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the student's work in order to improve future projects. It will not indicate how well the student performed with respect to other Covestro PRSEF participants. Each student will be interviewed by at least two category judges.

Some rubrics are tailored for specific applications. Point scores are used as a judging tool. Rubrics less the point values will be provided to the students' teachers after Covestro PRSEF. The Category Judge Selection has been designed to ensure all projects are evaluated on a consistent basis and ranked appropriately with regard to receiving awards. The decisions of the judges, determined on the day of the fair, are final.

Senior (9th-12th grade) and Intermediate (7th-8th grade) Division Students Rubrics

   Senior and Intermediate Division Projects
   Engineering Projects
   Computer Science Projects
   Mathematics Projects

Junior (6th grade) Division Students
   Junior Division - Science
   Junior Division - Engineering

Please call the Science Fair office at 412.237.1534 with any questions.

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