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Sponsors for SciTech Days at Carnegie Science Center

Many sponsors from all over the area have shown their common interest in making the SciTech possible.

See this year's Sponsors.

Individual Participants, Community Partners and Exhibitors for SciTech

Most of what you experience at the SciTech, including guest speakers, provocative panel discussions, hands-on workshops, special events and exhibits, are made possible by our individual participants, community partners and exhibitors.

Individual Participants

Our presentations, which include lectures, workshops and panel discussions and more, are designed to accommodate an array of science and technology interests. Since our presentations are interactive, we welcome participants who creatively educate and share information and insight. If you'd like to present at SciTech or have an idea you'd like us to consider, please contact us at (412) 237-1552.

Community Partners

Community Partners of the SciTech are organizations that help bolster SciTech in a number of ways including programming, financial contributions, in-kind donations, cross-promotion and outreach efforts to their membership. For more information on how your organization can participate, please contact us at (412) 237-1552.


Our exhibitors include corporate, academic, and professional societies which share the science and technology behind what they do. These interactive demonstrations are a cornerstone of SciTech programming at Carnegie Science Center.

Learn more about our exhibitors or how to become an exhibitor.

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